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  • A Little About Me...

    Style: classic, classy and retro, with a few unique twists

    Hair: long, blonde

    Eyes: blue

    Skin: very fair

    Measurements: 38-28-38

    Bra size: 36C (US 36B)

    Dress size: UK 8-10 (small)

    Shoe size: UK 7/ US 9/ EU 40 (40.5 for my favourite Louboutins!)

    Glove size: 7/ medium (I love leather gloves)

    Height: 5'6"

    Birthday: 15th May. "Sex is always a big number for Taurus... For Taurus, food is the most obvious aphrodisiac and sex is the natural expression of love. This is a physically strong yet emotionally gentle sign that you can rely on for regular, satisfying sex." - some astrology site I found

    Interests include: sex, fine dining, socialising, intimacy, making people happy, sharing adventures in and out of the bedroom.

  • Consideration and Locations

    Incalls available daily: allow me to arrange an exceptionally discreet, luxurious 5* hotel room tucked away in Central London, North London, Heathrow - all you need to do is turn up :) Minimum booking is 2 hours.


    Outcalls: invite me to visit you discreetly and privately in your 5* hotel room, anywhere between London and Exeter. Minimum booking is one hour.


    How long should you book for? Here are some ideas:


    An hour in your hotel room (or in a café or cocktail bar, if you prefer): perfect for a quick catch-up guaranteed to put a spring in your step during a busy business trip.


    Two hours in my/ your hotel room, or at a restaurant for dinner: the ideal introduction, with time to get over those butterflies by meeting in the bar first, or opening a bottle of champagne together in the room. There is a list of some of my favourite restaurants on your Date Inspiration page!


    Three hours: time for a truly indulgent afternoon of sensual pleasure- perhaps even with a girlfriend of mine joining us...


    Four hours: perfect timing for dinner and play, or to lock ourselves up in a hotel room or dungeon for a full four-hour sex marathon!


    12-hour overnight sleepover date: an even more relaxed and unhurried atmosphere, with the added intimacy of dinner for two (restaurant or room service) and waking up together in your 5* hotel room. Clients making a booking of 12 or more hours will also enjoy a beneficial per-hour price break.


    14-hour VIP overnight sleepover date: the extra two hours gives us time for morning sex :)


    24 hours: a day and a night of fun, fantasy and... well, I think you know what else! We could take in a show, go shopping or soujourn from your hotel room to a professional dungeon for a couple of hours.


    Two days: the dream city break, with your pick of 5* hotels, restaurants, shows, clubs, activities and exhibitions.


    A week's holiday in the UK or beyond: some of my favourite places to go are London (of course!), Cardiff, Edinburgh, anywhere in southwest England and anywhere we can get to on the Eurostar. First Class seats and Lounge access are a necessity when going abroad so we are immediately at our best for every moment spent together when we arrive... in any position!  This extremely special option is reserved for when we have built up a rapport, and includes a beneficial per-day price break.


    Please e-mail some details to me at for specific donation amounts.


    I delight in meeting people from all walks of life; of any gender, sexuality or background. My social diary is delightfully busy, so advance booking is strongly advised. All deposits are, of course, non-refundable, for peace of mind and protection against cancellations.



  • FAQ

    Can you give me your number so I can make a booking over the phone?

    It is better both for you and for me to keep communications via e-mail, rather than to go straight to calling or texting on our mobiles.




    1. This way, we both have a written record of our conversation to refer to, so neither of us will forget any important details.


    2. I don't have to fend off hundreds of nuisance calls from people attempting to get free "phone chat", which wastes time I could be spending on YOU, my client.


    Once the booking has been made, I will provide you with my number the day before our date.


    I check my inbox very regularly, so you are very unlikely to have to wait long for a response to your enquiry. Thank you for understanding.


    Are you really bisexual, or just "gay for pay"?

    I self-identify as bisexual and have done since I was a teenager. This is the real me :)



    Why don't you do webcam shows, or show your face in your profile pictures? Can you send me a headshot?

    I don't publish pictures of my face online in order to protect gentlemen's confidentiality when we are out in public together. It means that even if an acquaintance saw us out together- they would not know who I was or that my time was being paid for. This helps to protect YOUR privacy. For this reason, I will not send anyone photos of my face, and I do not do webcam shows.


    I'm older than you/ of a different race/ disabled/ disfigured/ superficially different to you in some way. Can we still see each other?

    Absolutely, YES. I embrace diversity (literally and figuratively). As long as you are clean, presentable and well-mannered, whatever makes us seem different on the surface will soon melt away when we meet.


    Do you smoke?

    I don't smoke cigarettes. Sorry, smoking fetishists! I don't mind if you do, though.


    Why don't you charge less and see more clients?

    I value exclusivity, discernment and a luxury lifestyle, and my clients value the fact that so few men get to meet me. I am only interested in the crème de la crème, just like you.


    I'm worried about carrying that much cash around with me..

    I actually prefer to accept 50% payment in advance via bank transfer. I do recommend bringing along a little spare cash on the day though, so you can spontaneously extend our date, should you feel like it :)


    I recommend bringing along a little spare cash so you can easily extend our date on the day, should you feel like it :)


    May I take your panties or stockings away with me as a souvenir of our time together?

    Sure- please let me know in advance if you want to do this and I can give you either my worn panties or stockings to take home for £50 each.


    What do you like to do in London?

    If you are looking for a secure hotel with discreet staff, I can send you a list of suggestions- or recommend professional dungeons, if you prefer ;)


    I like to take tea at Claridge's, or go for a cocktail in the Claridge's Fumoir or The Dorchester's China Tang bar... Scarfe's Bar at The Rosewood is a great place to go for cocktails and a light, informal dinner.


    I also like lunch at Ladureé at Harrods if I can't make it to Paris for the real thing, and I love dining at The Wolseley, The Ritz or Park Chinois. The Savoy do the perfect dirty martini (their American Bar was voted best in the world) and have monthly burlesque striptease performances. The 1920s French cocktail bar tucked away at Sofitel St James is a hidden gem and incredibly discreet.


    I like to shop Coco De Mer for sensual lingerie and the naughtiest boudoir accessories. Fetishists, I recommend you drop in on Atsuko Kudo for fabulous lace-printed latex lingerie (she does all Lady Gaga's latex) and Vivienne Westwood's shop for rubbery high heels. You could also see if Torture Garden is running any club events while you are in town.


    I have lived in London for years, so if you are visiting and would like more tips, just ask- I would be happy to help :)

All of the information you are likely to require is provided for you below in the drop down menus.


I love sexual anticipation- the further in advance you can arrange with me, the better!


If you want to ask me out, please e-mail your info to



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Elegant, affectionate, sensual hedonist and elite, discreet dating companion based in London, UK.